Goodbee & Associates has stayed in the forefront of technological progress and offers key capabilities in leading-edge software.

AutoCAD and microstation expertise and integration

The Design Team at Goodbee & Associates employs AutoCAD and MicroStation to their maximum benefits, converting data between the packages as necessary. In many cases, engineers are presented with data from surveyors in AutoCAD and are asked to deliver it in MicroStation or vice-versa. The experts at Goodbee are fluent in both systems and work seamlessly between the two programs to produce on-point and accurate results.

The integration of these software system formats enables Goodbee & Associates to:

  • Create utility maps and utility plan sets for all levels of design.
  • Incorporate information from both utility companies (key utility maps) and survey information into a thorough and complete utility map.
  • Create confirmed (surveyed) and unconfirmed (non-surveyed) files that can be referenced into one another to show all utilities.
  • Evaluate impacts to utilities by comparing proposed construction to utility maps in MS.
  • Illustrate relocations of impacted utilities.
  • Show utility easements.