Goodbee & Associates, Inc. provides elite comprehensive services in Utility Design & Coordination, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Services. We add value to all project phases and delivery methods for Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build projects. 
Goodbee & Associates and PKM Design Group have recently merged, combining their 20+ years of business focused on transportation projects.  The collective group is now operating under the name of Goodbee & Associates, Inc. (DBE, WBE, and SBE).  Goodbee is a full-service transportation firm providing engineering, landscape architectural planning, and environmental compliance.  Our staff has served governmental agencies the the local, county, state, and federal level on a wide variety of projects, including extensive trail and recreational amenities, from planning and designs through construction phase services.  Goodbee specializes in utility design and coordination, landscape and streetscape design, urban design, bridge and wall aesthetics, public involvement, and environmental services.